PRP Therapy: Benefits

If you have previously suffered an injury in a body part used in movement, the healing process can take a long time. Surgical cases are among the lengthiest in healing. You will be in pain as you wait. This can be made to go faster when you take up PRP therapy. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been found to speed up the healing process when it fosters faster action from the body’s restorative functions.

PRP therapy can be used in a large number of injury cases. It is used for ACL and MCL injuries like tears, knee pain, osteoarthritis, spine injuries, rotator cuff tears, pelvic pain, jumper’s knee, to name a few. Seeing as it is still fresh, it may be applied in many other areas. It is for now the best way to keep the healing processes of injuries short.

PRP therapy has a simple process to it. It shall start with the doctor drawing blood from your arm into a vial. This blood shall have its platelets concentrated when the vial id put in a special centrifuge. The platelets are critical to any healing process. They are what attach to the injured part and release growth and healing factors. This is how the body usually heals itself. The doctor will then take the concentrated platelets and using an ultrasound direct it to the injured part of the body via an injection. This will increase the concentration of platelets there, thus facilitating a much faster healing process.

PRP is preferred to going for surgery, in cases where other non-surgical options have failed. Most athletes and professional sportspeople turn to this therapy more than surgery. If you have an old injury that still gives you pain, you may want to consider going for this procedure. You need to ask the doctor about what options you have.

They shall use our platelets, which makes for an almost no chance for any issues. You will also not be subjected to anesthesia, since they only need to draw your blood. Many find such simplicity to be convenient. You may feel some pain when they inject you with the platelets. This should fade away quickly later on.

When you feel ready to go for this procedure, the first thing you need to do is to go online and find the reviews covering the work these specialists have done before. You need to become familiar with their history and previous working record. Since this is a relatively new treatment procedure in the market, it is important you do so. You need to talk to a few people who have undergone the procedure, to see how suitable it shall be for your use. Find out also how much it shall cost you to go for it.

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